The system is made up of single wall modular elements made of moulded PP-H (homopolymer polypropylene): this type of plastic is highly resistant to chemicals and has excellent mechanical properties. The product is designed to work for condensation or similar boilers with smoke temperatures not over 120°C, fuelled by liquid and/or gas fuels.

The EVOLUTION PR range includes all the elements required to create a vertical chimney and smoke flue (horizontal segment) with suitable inspection elements. Furthermore, since the product is designed for condensation boilers, it includes the devices required to drain condensation as set forth by current regulations (UNI 11071) such as the condensation collection tank element and siphon to prevent combustion gas products from entering the sewage system. To complete the range, the system comes with centring and wall straps.

The hard plastic chimney system is designed to work in accordance with that set forth by regulation UNI EN 14471 in terms of mechanical and seal features at the following conditions:
- Maximum working temperature 120°C
- Operation in depression or pressure up to 200 Pa.
- System not resistant to soot fire.
- Condensation resistant.
- Suited for gas or liquid fuelled devices.
- Installation in a duct made of grade "0" material (fire reaction).
- The system must be placed at least 20 mm away from combustible materials.

Available diameters (mm): 60 - 80 - 100 - 125

1- PP-H homopolymer polypropylene element.

2- Connected by fitting the female joint, with pre-installed seal gasket (made of EPDM), in the male joint with slight slot.

EPDM gasket 



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