Our history is our great strength

With over forty years experience we have reached a specialised design level for flues and exhaust range unique in this sector, our pride pushes us to maintain this level by continuously updating standard material and technological innovations, to offer our customers a service of a dynamic, flexible and highly professional structure.

We wish to provide the reassurance of keys in hand service in complete autonomy for complex projects, through integrated management of the conception, design manufacture and installation of the order.

Our Engineering sector operates quality control procedure in compliance with the requirements to the UNi Eni 9001 standards. The internal structure checks all the operation phases by means of techniques and project management methods, guaranteeing the coordination of the general resources involved, the correct planning of the project, the continued monitoring of the projects progression, the quality control, the direction and supervision of the site activity until the final inspection.

The structure and organisation of the Engineering sector can offer its clients a global service, which can lead to autonomy in all technical advice and planning foreseen by the order:


  • Technical support and consultancy to technical studies and businesses;
  • Technical support to the customer;
  • Economical-technical feasibility study;
  • Checking the feasibility of different and innovative solutions;
  • Surveys and investigations in the field;
  • Preliminary, final and construction phase of the chimney systems design;
  • Design and implementation of special elements, tested in the laboratory;
  • Technical assistance in installation and testing phase of the systems;
  • Management of turn-keys contracts;
  • Drafting of technical documentation, installation instructions, operation, and maintenance;
  • Drafting of safety documentation in accordance with 81/2008;
  • Drafting of Declaration of Conformity (D.M. 37/2008).


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