Innovation by vocation

Designing and constructing high performance and innovative smoke exhaust systems, providing solutions for any need, meeting the strictest quality standards and most stringent reference regulations.

For over forty years Camini Wierer has been the Italian leader in the production of Stainless steel, Ecoceramic and Refractory flues.
A company that has always stood out for its innovation, safety, product quality and customer service.

Camini Wierer’s primary goal is to satisfy Customers, compelling research and development to meet market demands, day after day.
The vocation for innovation brought to life the revolutionary CONIX® system, the top of Camini Wierer’s range, marking a momentous event: the decision to permanently eliminate the old system with gaskets from its product portfolio. A radical decision, supported by full confidence and faith in their product.

The strategic goal held such an important meaning for the company that they included in the product logo.  This market strategy will lead to the historic disappearance of silicone gaskets from the world by October 10th, 2010. Innovation by vocation.

Camini Wierer’s vocation is differentiation, the continuous pursuit of innovative and diversified product solutions for real product users. Camini Wierer brings forty years of experience to the table for them, to resolve problems tied to the delicate but exciting chimney question.

Choosing Camini Wierer means choosing quality and safety, trusting in a stable and reliable partner who offers the know-how it acquired over forty years of history and experience.

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