Over 40 years of history

Camini Wierer was established in 1970 by the three Wierer brothers Franz, Wilfried and Josef.  Already partnered with three other brothers in a legendary corporation, they decided to break out and start their own business.
Driven by keen business sense, encouraged by the experience and charisma of the more famous brother Rudi, their will to create a successful business immediately focused on innovation and meeting standards.

In fact, a legal decree that enforced flue construction restrictions sparked this company to life. The idea of focusing on a high quality and patented product, the refractory chimney, was already, at that time, an innovative and winning choice.
Convinced and tenacious, despite the period’s construction sector crisis, Franz, Wilfried and Josef believed in this product and were proven right in time.
The company constantly expanded at a dizzying pace, gradually gaining recognition until becoming the sector leader.

Over the years, the owners met the challenges of new market areas and product diversifications.
Despite the expansion, the company mission has never changed: the company values have remained the same, reinforced by the successful results.

These values are to abide the law – meaning regulations – and achieve high product quality. Two cornerstones, these, that still distinguish Camini Wierer and the personality of the generation that leads its success: passion, tenacity, consistency and innovation abiding by the law.
This is what daily drives the entire Camini Wierer team and allows it to constantly lead the market.

Without highly dedicated people, putting in more than what’s due, our and the economy’s future is on shaky grounds. We owe Rudi Wierer our high respect and deep appreciation for his lifetime’s work, especially due to his unique ability to forge new roads and take responsibility for himself and others, conveying us his experience“.

Wierer Story,
Robert Weissensteiner – Horst Unterfrauner

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