When applicable
was designed for fast and easy beautiful installations in full view.

CONIX®DUO's significant aesthetic advantages:

- Joints are practically invisible from the outside
- No unsightly straps
- Semi-glossy stainless steel external finish that reduces annoying light reflections and perfectly matches the architectural context.
- Colour variations available, finished pieces produced on order in any RAL colour.

Available diameters (mm):
internal measurements 80 - 100 - 130 - 150 - 180 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400 - 450 - 500 - 550 - 600 - 700* - 800* - 900* - 1000* - 1100 - 1200*

Steel quality
internal wall:
AISI 316L steel with BA (polished) finish
external wall:
AISI 304 steel with 2B (semi-glossy) finish
insulation thickness in mm: 25/50
steel thickness in mm: 0,4/0,5/0,6/0,8/1,0

Custom joints and accessories
The CONIX® range is able to meet all normal installation needs.
Camini Wierer is able to quickly create custom joints and accessories for any need.

RAL scale colours

resolves any smoke exhaust problem for civil and industrial systems (working temperatures up to 600°C with maximum 1,000°C peaks) and can be used to create chimneys for single flues or grouped flues for forced draught C type equipment or branched grouped flues for natural draught B type equipment.
The CONIX®DUO-JI dual wall chimney system is made up of three concentric layers of modular circular section parts.

1 - Internal wall in direct contact with smoke, made of AISI 316L type austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes.
2 - Intermediate layer acts as insulation, made up of high density (110 kg/m3) radiating basaltic rock wool with 25/50 mm thickness and 0.058W/mK conductivity (at 200°C temperature).
3 - External wall designed to protect and encase the insulation, made of AISI 304 type austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes.


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