Special condition chimneys

In particularly critical situations such as high pressure, continuous vibrations such as, for example, smoke exhaust from generator units or, more in general, internal combustion engines, Camini Wierer technology reaches its apex with this dual wall CONIX®JH chimney system, able to meet the most extreme design situations.
The dual wall CONIX®JH chimney is made up of modular circular section elements where the internal wall protrudes from the insulation layer and external wall on both ends. This promotes easy single element installation in even the most difficult situations.
Single CONIX®JH modules are also made up of:
- An internal wall, in direct contact with smoke, made of AISI 316L type austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes, whose joint features a specific fastening strap that permits perfect assembly and guarantees mechanical seal.
- An intermediate layer which acts as insulation, made up of high density (110kg/m3) radiating basaltic rock wool, 25mm thick and 0.058W/mK conductivity (at 200°C temperature).
- An external wall designed to protect and encase the insulation, made of natural copper or AISI 304 type copper-plated austenitic stainless steel, laser or Tig welded with certified welding processes and a special joint cover strip. 




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