The CE ERRE chimney system is designed for cold smoke heat generators (100/120°C), rigid external ambient temperatures and high yield new generation boilers.
It is mounted on the external or internal building wall or in the wall gap.
A special feature is the insulation ventilation system made up of vertical ventilation ducts in which air - due to natural draught - enters through a grill at the chimney base and exits the vents in the top sleeve.
The CE ERRE system maintains its properties in time, even in the event of external leaks or condensation between the sleeve and flue.

Available diameters (mm):
120 - 140 - 160 - 180 - 200

1- Wall in contact with smoke, made up of an Ecoceramic CE ECO flue.
2 - Insulation layer made up of high density rock wool panels.
3 - Flue casing made up of a vibration-compressed reduced concrete sleeve to protect and support the wall in contact with smoke. 


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