Crossing the roof with the highest level of safety afforded by Camini Wierer

The risk of house fires due to poorly installed flues is, unfortunately, an ever more current problem. This situation is especially risky for wood-burning stoves where smoke temperatures are rather high and the smoke exhaust system must cross wooden structures like the roof.

Camini Wierer's ProTetto is the safest and most practical solution to crossing wooden roofs.

The product is approved by DIBT, Berlin.

In order to simplify and safely install a smoke exhaust system that crosses wooden structures, Camini Wierer has designed and developed a special roof crossing system, efficient, safe and simple to install, made of a new fibreglass insulation material with insulation capacity highly superior to traditional insulation materials such as rock wool.

The special composition is able to reduce the distance between the smoke exhaust flue and combustible fuels to just 100 mm compared to the standard 500 mm, permitting direct contact between the crossing element and the wooden structure.

The following is required for installation:

•  A hole in the wooden structure

•  The roof crossing element inserted and secured

•  The roof crossing element covered with a front panel made of vermiculite to create a protection screen against the radiated heat.

•  Finish with special finished stainless steel washer.

The roof crossing designed by Camini Wierer comes in sizes from 130 mm diameter to 300 mm diameter and to cross structures 12, 24, 36 and 100 cm thick. It was tested and approved by D.I.B.T., Deutsche Institut für Bautecknik, Berlin (certificate number: Z-7.4-3408) and therefore able to offer certified safety.

For 12, 24 and 36 cm thicknesses, the product is sold complete with a vermiculite plate. For the 100 cm thickness, it is sold complete with two vermiculite plates.






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