The CW DUE chimney system is designed for autonomous heating systems, overlapping, made up of natural draught methane fuelled type B boilers with airtight combustion chambers.
It is made up of two parallel refractory flues: the main or header flue and secondary or confluent flue where - based on current regulations - a maximum of six generator exhausts (5+1) can be connected. The first five, after crossing one floor in the secondary flue, are connected to the header at a 45° angle.  The sixth and last directly exhausts smoke into the atmosphere through the sole secondary flue (minimum 3 m high).
CW DUE is mounted inside the building, in the wall gap or on the wall.

Available diameters (mm):
140/120 - 160/120 - 160/140 - 180/120 180/140 - 200/140

1- Primary flue (or header) made up of a CW ECO refractory flue where secondary flue exhausts (maximum 5) are connected at a 45° angle.

2 - Secondary flue, that receives exhaust from a single device and is as tall as a building floor.

3 - Insulation layer made up of static air cells confined by specific rock wool edging.

4 - Flue casing made up of a vibration-compressed reduced concrete sleeve to protect and support the primary and secondary flues. 

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