Persiceto Bio energy

The smokes exhaust system for this innovative cogeneration system installed in the open countryside in San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), owned by the company "PERSICETO BIO ENERGY", is another example of a keys in hand project built by Camini Wierer, fully designed, manufactured and installed by our company for the buyer.

It is a system for the disposal of products fumes from the combustion of eight motors operating on combustible gaseous fuel (gas distribution network), consisting of eight sub-horizontal fittings to the four collectors with an internal diameter of 150 mm, from the four collectors of an internal diameter equal to 250 mm, inserted in turn at the end of the sub-horizontal path inside a single chimney with a nominal internal diameter of 800 mm.

The chimney with a starting height of 11.5 m above ground surface is supported by suitable lattice structure with a square base, equipped with vertical ladders with rungs and landing with protection, to allow access to the sampling point, fumes samples and analysis.

It is our design, supply and installation and also all the horizontal carpentry work supporting the collectors fittings and the collectors themselves.


San Giovanni in Persiceto
Persiceto Bioenergia

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