Intesa San Paolo Turin

The smokes exhaust system, which consists of a complete system replacement of the exhaust fumes from the existing boilers for the thermal power plant of the Intesa San Paolo branch in the centre of Turin, is a prominent example in construction, design, supply and installation assistance to the laying by Camini Wierer for the customer.

It is a conversion system from the combustible liquid fuel (diesel) to combustible fuel gas (gas from the distribution network), to the service of five existing conventional boilers with a power that varies from 970 to 1,000 kW each, composed of as many smoke ducts that wind in the small spaces of the thermal power plant. The vertical chimneys with a total height of approximately 36 m each are developed within an existing technical compartment formed by the partial demolition of the old masonry chimneys, reclaimed and predisposed for new use.


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