Niguarda Hospital Technology Centre – Milan

The fume exhaust system for the Niguarda Cà Granda, Milan hospital represents a complete and complex example of a turn-key project designed by Camini Wierer.

The system was fully designed, manufactured and installed by our company for the buyer. This is a multiple system that includes chimneys and respective smoke ducts to service boilers and steam generators for the thermal power plant, chimneys and smoke ducts for their power generators, fireplaces and respective smoke ducts for cogeneration.

- The four chimneys of the thermal power plant, all nominal internal diameter equal to 1,000 mm, service two 10.4-MW steam generators and two boilers of 9 mW. They grow to a height of 25 m part in the heating system and part enclosed within a metal ellipsoidal shielding structure, positioned on top of the thermal power plant building. The four chimneys are designed to be statically independent, i.e. bound with a single point fastening to the base. Is to be noted in this case the complexity of the installation because, since there was not possibility to produce any type of scaffold or operate with any type of aerial platform inside the metal containment structure, the various components of the chimney sections were pre-assembled at our site and subsequently lowered from the building, complete with insulation and cladding, operating with only the construction site crane.

- The two chimneys for the Power Generators nominal internal diameter equal to 600 mm, that grow to a height of 15 m inside the metal ellipsoidal shielding structure positioned in elevation on the building roof. Even these four chimneys are designed with the same features as the thermal power plant.

- The four chimneys of the Cogeneration, must then all have a nominal internal diameter equal to 800 mm, they grow to a height equal to 15 m, these too, inside the metal "ellipsoidal" shielding structure.

These four chimneys have been designed with the Conix ® Duo modular system by Camini Wierer to be supported by the metal ellipsoidal structure that, in this case, also acts as a support for both vertical and horizontal loads. For these last chimneys, installed when the containment structure was fully completed, the laying operations were performed via a particular scaffolding system obtained in the spaces found between a chimney and the other. The modular components of the chimney sections were placed in succession using the "pull" of the site crane, from the roof level, which inserted the various modules from the top to inside the metal structure.


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