Lorenteggio Milan Complex eco-technological

67,000 square metres to accommodate 3,000 employees of a well known multi-international corporation. These are the numbers of the new eco-technological complex in Lorenteggio, Milan, a shining example of sustainability in terms of technology and innovation. The grand design, by architects Rolando Gantes and Roberto Morisi, was launched in June 2008 and was completed in December 2011.

The fume exhaust system for this site, called "IL BORGO", has been entirely designed, built and put in place by Camini Wierer.

This is a multi-system which includes three fireplaces of nominal internal diameter equal to 600 mm and high 60 m and relative smoke ducts at the service of the boilers for the thermal power plant, a fireplace nominal internal diameter equal to 700 mm high 60 m and the relative smoke ducts for the cogeneration plant, a chimney of nominal internal diameter of 1,000 mm and the respective ducts for the forced exhalation of smoke from cooking vapours from the kitchen hoods. Each chimney type has been fully designed, produced and installed by our company for the buyer.

The vertical chimneys relating to the system, are both thermal and cogeneration, are completely custom designed according to specific technical requirements, have rock wool insulation at high density increased to 50 mm and include structural devices designed and engineered specifically to meet the demands of the designer. Particular attention was kept for the study and design of the modules in the intermediate bracket division, both for the vertical and horizontal load, elements studied in order to be completely hidden, upon final assembly.

The system chimneys have the following dimensions and features:

- The three chimneys for the thermal power plant, all of nominal internal diameter equal to 600 mm, are produced with the Conix ® DUO modular system with patented conical joint, the Camini Wierer system that does not require silicone gaskets and seal straps for its use, to achieve a high aesthetic value and performance durability. The chimneys are serving their condensation boilers with thermal capacity equal to 2,556 kW and grow to a height of approximately 60 m, in adherence to the vertical wall of the building made of prefabricated panels. The connection smoke ducts between the chimneys and the heat generators run along the corridors of the local facilities for a length equal to approximately 35 m each.

- The cogeneration chimney, with the nominal internal diameter equal to 700 mm, always Conix ® DUO type, is at the service of a motor generator, also grows to a height of approximately 60 m vertically always adhering to the precast panels vertical wall. The smoke duct connection between the chimney and the motor generator has a length equal to approximately 10 m.

The installation phases of the four chimneys, are particularly complex considering the heights involved. They were carried out with the aid of an aerial work platform with an arm of 80 m and were completed in less than a month on the construction site.

The chimney for the forced exhalation of cooking vapours coming from the kitchen cabinets is of a different nature and composition, but it is also studied and designed to meet the specific installation operation. The conduit extends to a height of about 60 m at a stretch but, unlike the others chimneys; it does not adhere to the outer walls but within a technical housing compartment in CA.

The chimney is made of modules of 6 m in flanged sections, previously insulated; the internal diameter is equal to 1000 mm to a structure of adequate thickness. It has been studied and designed to allow the insertion in the shaft housing, in order to carry out the assembly and installation processing phases at a height, from the roof slab. The movement to bring in each section quota has been performed with the aid of a hoisting crane with the capacity of 80m.


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