Biella City Remote Heating

The smoke exhaust system for the cogeneration power plant "T.L.R. Biella" is a brand new, complete and complex example of a keys in hand project designed by Camini Wierer. The system was fully designed, manufactured and installed by our company for the buyer. This is a multiple system that includes chimneys and smoke ducts to the respective service of four boilers for the thermal power plant, plus two chimneys and relative smoke ducts for their motor generators. - Of the thermal power plant's four chimneys, three are working for the steam generators of useful power equivalent to 10 MW; they have a nominal internal diameter of 900 mm and grow to a height of 19.50 m from the floor of the thermal power plant. The fourth chimney works for a boiler of useful power equivalent to 4.5 MW, has a nominal internal diameter of 600 mm and grows to a height of 19.50 m from the floor of the thermal power plant.

- The two chimneys working for the 3 MWe Motor generators, with thermal power equal to 6,965 kWt, they have a nominal internal diameter of 800 mm and grow to a height of 15,00 m, starting from ground level of the extrados of the floor covering of the thermal power plant. As required by the commission, the starting point of the boilers chimneys has been raised with the inclusion of "stools" suitably designed and sized lattice. The type of materials, for both the vertical chimneys and the smoke ducts connection to the relative generators, is composed of standard finishes used for the type of CONIX ® DUO Chimneys Wierer modular system constituting the system, i.e. stainless steel AISI 316 L the gloss for the inner wall in contact with combustion products and semi-gloss stainless steel AISI 304 2B for the external wall. For the support of the chimneys provided in groups of two, given the small space determined by the bored holes passage on the existing roof slab and their development above ground away from adjacent walls, where a particular lattice structure with a rectangular base, with associated staircase and a standard landing has been studied. This provision was necessary for the testing and sampling of smokes on behalf of the Ente Arpa Piemonte on the basis of the UNICHIM 158/88 and 422/89 standards, through the removal of sample log of 3" arranged on the vertical part of the chimneys. Also on the vertical part of the chimneys, in the area accessible from the landing predisposed for the checks and samples, heated probes housing mounts were prepared (logs and flanged sleeves) - pressure - temperature analysis system supplied by the Ascon company. Moreover, given the fact that is impossible to completely discharge on the roof the stresses due to the horizontal load transmitted on the lattice structure and chimneys by wind pressure, part of the stresses have been absorbed by the insertion of a stay cables system. The supporting structure design has meant a constant collaboration, both with the designer of the building works, with whom the lattices fastening system have been defined as well as the cables system's anchor points.

The smoke ducts, complete with the relative predisposed supports both on the floor or the roof and the predisposition on the various modules mounts (sleeves) for the housing of Pt100 probes - CO - O2 for the system analysis, wind around the interior of the local systems for a total length of approximately 20m.


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