Bio Medical University Campus

The smoke exhaust system for the Bio-Medical Polo University Campus of Trigoria, Rome represents a brand new, complete and complex example of a keys in hand project designed by Camini Wierer. The system was fully designed, manufactured and installed by our company for the buyer.

This is a multiple system that includes chimneys and respective smoke ducts "COMPLETELY SPECIAL", i.e. with greater insulation of 50 mm, to service six boilers and steam generators for the thermal power plant and four power generators.

- Of the six thermal power plant's chimneys, two are working for the I.VAR. mod. SB/V 3 steam generators of useful power equivalent to 2,307 kW, they have a nominal internal diameter of 500 mm and grow to a height of 17.75 m.

The remaining four chimneys work for the I.VAR. mod. TRINOX 2580 hot water generators of power burnt equivalent to 3,260 kW, they have a nominal internal diameter of 550 mm and grow to a height of 17.75 m.

- The four chimneys servicing the power generators have a nominal internal diameter of 500 mm and they too grow to a height of 17,75 m.

The exterior finish of all the vertical chimneys is composed of a starting point from the central part of underground systems with standard external finish in stainless steel AISI 304, 2B semi-gloss finish, while the part above ground has an exterior finish in stainless steel AISI 304, 2B then painted white. Two coats of RAL 7047 colour paint, after a previous application of "epoxy primer".

For the chimneys support, given their development above ground away from adjacent walls, the insertion of the same within a suitable lattice structure has been foreseen. The structure was built by a construction company with whom we interacted and carried out a project not only structural but also architectural, providing all the support profiles needed for both the vertical load support, as well as the constraint of the horizontal loads.

The smoke ducts, complete with the relative supports arranged on both ceiling and wall that wind inside the various local systems for a total length of 225 m.


Roma - Via di Trigoria

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