Hotel Rustico Calzedonia

The requirements have been those of the system design for combustion products evacuation of five new generation condensing boilers, necessary for the thermal energy heating and production of sanitary hot water for Hotel Rustico, property of Calzedonia SpA.

The fittings of various diameters from the boilers to the chimneys have been made with the Conix ® Duo Camini Wierer modular system, the chimney system in stainless steel AISI 316 L with double walls with no silicone gaskets and seal straps, ideal for removing smoke in extreme situations due both to the high temperatures (which is the case here) and the presence of condensation.

The vertical chimneys have been designed and sized with minimum tolerances in order to perfectly cross the bored holes previously foreseen by the construction firm in the roof slab of the thermal power plant.

Not being able to constrain these chimneys to the adjacent wall, the designer has taken steps to also design and create a special lattice support structure of galvanised carbon steel with a pentagonal base, in order to structurally support the five grouped flues, maintaining the equivalent interests.

The criticality of the project consists in making the entire bored holes system existing in the site and destined for the flues passage. One of the most interesting aspects of the contract was the connection of the smoke ducts with the vertical chimneys, because of the limited space available in the underground thermal power plant premises. Particular attention has been paid to the inside the preservation of the thermal power plant from the infeed of any rainwater through the connecting sheet metal flashings created especially.

The entire project, commissioned by the Impretec SpA Company, was completed in 35 days, during which Camini Wierer dealt with the sizing and design of the chimneys and structures, on-site technical inspections carried out in close collaboration with works management, the production of special parts and support structures, until the laying of all the materials.


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