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The smokes exhaust system which is implemented every two years at the Verona fair at the "Progetto Fuoco" event is one of the most important examples of applied know-how and quality service Camini Wierer. In fact our company manages the entire exposition of the structure's smoke exhaust system, specifically foreseeing the fair dedicated to the flue pipes sector with a connection capacity for up to a total of 244 heat generators working across four exhibition halls.

The "Progetto Fuoco" case represents a large-scale system, consisting of eight collectors of 100m each, inclusive of extraction motors. The system develops a web of connections to various generators for a total length of 5,300 m of connections. An important and very challenging construction, particularly in relation to the high criticality due to the reduced installation times that allow for only two days and two nights to complete the system's assembly and only one night for its complete dismantling, uninterrupted throughout the day and night. Imposed constraints, due to the large number of events, appointments and activities on the fair's calendar. The work, commissioned to the Camini Wierer by the Fair for all the editions till now carried out, constantly rewards the professionalism and competence of our company, confirming not only the quality of product that has made us the industry leader, but also and ever more the service and peace of mind that we are able to offer our customers even in the case of complex projects, highly critical and entirely managed by our internal structure.



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