Revolutionary advantages!

The CONIX® system ensures a series of revolutionary advantages.
The quick-coupling flue revolution without gaskets and straps.

1 - Smoke and condensation seal

The recent heat generator technological evolution has demanded higher performance from smoke exhaust systems.
The seal levels for pressurised smoke and condensation produced by cold smoke are now essential chimney requirements. The conic CONIX® joint guarantees seal at 5,000 Pascal, guaranteeing higher performance and safety than any other on the market.

2 - Elimination of silicone gaskets and risks associated with their easy wear

Recent experiences have taught us how high the risks are with silicone gaskets, especially with condensation.
The corrosive capacity of acidic condensation and poor temperature resistance make silicone gaskets the weakest link in the smoke exhaust system.
The best way to solve a problem is to eliminate it and that is what CONIX® has done.

3 - Improved draught

A chimney with a better seal is a chimney that provides better system performance. Less joint leaks means better system draught.

4 - Easy and fast installation

The conic joint guarantees superior performance levels without the use of gaskets and fastening straps. The advantage in terms of safety is already known but the cost and time savings, with a 50% reduction in installation time, are worthy of note.

5 - Universal

Increasingly higher device and fuel differentiation forces the installer to make choices.
What characteristics will the smoke have from this system?
What chimney should be used?
And if I have to change the generator at the last minute?
There is just one simple response to the myriad of questions on chimney choice: CONIX®.

CONIX® marks the birth of the universal chimney: the safe choice, always.

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